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Wellness zone - new dimension of recreation







All hotel guests have free access to a wide range of relaxation zone services, such as swimming pool with counter-current, whirlpool, traditional Finnish sauna and fitness. For discerning guests we have recently opened a wellness zone. Step inside and you will find yourself in an oasis of peace and well-being country style, with the relaxing scent of wood in the air. Whether you want to unwind after a demanding day's hill walking or skiing, or you just want to relax in peace and quiet, our wellness facility is the right place for you. You can treat your body and soul to several saunas, a whirlpool, massage shower and relax room. In the wellness zone you will not be disturbed by screaming children. Pamper yourself and enjoy a sense of well-being to some relaxing music. All of our saunas provide sufficient privacy due to their size. Whilst enjoying everything the wellness zone has to offer you can refresh yourself with mountain spring water. The water comes from a spring 920 metres above sea level deep in a forest and it complements the overall wellness concept: peace, well-being, relaxation and regeneration.




Give your body the rest it deserves after a demanding day. When visiting our wellness zone don’t miss out on the large whirlpool. Your muscles will unwind during a bubble or jet massage and then you can move onto a sauna of your choice. A few minutes in the swirling water will sooth and regenerate your whole body, which you will surely appreciate over the following days.



Salt sauna

You have probably heard about the remarkable effects of salt on your body. Enjoy the benefits of our healthy salt sauna. It will sooth your body and free up your airways. You will breathe better and feel better for it. A pleasant atmosphere in the sauna is created by variable lighting in several colour shades. After the salt sauna we recommend a massage shower with different water temperatures.



Herbal aroma sauna

Do you like the smell of a meadow in bloom, herbs, flowers or fruit? If so, the aroma sauna will be right for you... Enter and breathe in deeply. On the hot herbs drips cold morning dew which fills the sauna with the aroma of chamomile, lavender or vanilla. We change the individual aromas on a daily basis, so each day the aroma sauna will be a new experience for you.



Finnish sauna

If you have tried standard Finnish saunas many times and are confident that such sauna cannot surprise you, try our Finnish sauna and feel the difference. A small but comfortable sauna arranged in the alpine style with intimate lighting. Enter and enjoy the scent of real wood. We recommend several spells in the sauna interspersed with cold showers before finishing on the heated loungers.



Massage showers

If you are feeling overheated after a sauna and are used to cooling off with an ice cold shower, give our massage shower a try. You can select three water temperatures: cold, tepid and warm. The shower also has massage jets for invigoration. For the right atmosphere the shower has a coloured lighting effect.



Heated loungers

If you are not keen on hot saunas and prefer just to warm your body, you can spend time relaxing and doing just that. The mosaic loungers around the wellness zone are not ordinary loungers. Sit down and you will be welcomed by pleasing warmth. Let them warm up your whole body and relax for a while to the sound of soothing music. For your next stop on your passage through the wellness zone we recommend the relaxation room.



Relaxation room

When you have tried all our saunas, the whirlpool and massage showers, come to the relaxation room and just lie back on comfortable loungers. Enjoy the soothing music and romantic fireplace with flickering flames. You will fully appreciate the perfect peace and comfort that radiates all around you.




Does your back hurt, do you have a stiff neck or just want to relax? Enjoy a massage with our hotel masseur. You can select from a wide range of massages including full body massage or relaxation massage.


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