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Our relax zone is for our hotel guests available free of charge. Swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and fitness area are conveniently located close to each other.

swimming pool

Our swimming pool with back flow is 150 cm deep and thus may be used for fitness swimming as well as relaxation. In the middle of the pool is placed a blower that is enjoyed especially by children. Locker rooms are equipped with hair dryers and showers. Swimming pool area includes whirlpool for 4 persons and bubble bath. Whirling tub is recommended especially for muscle relaxation in combination with sauna.

Finnish sauna

Part of the relaxation zone is a large FINISH SAUNA made of Nordic wood. There are two showers at the sauna. If you feel overwhelmed and tired of skiing or a difficult hike, try alternate the sauna and ice shower several times. You can relax in the small rest room. All this for our hotel guests free of charge.


For lovers of barbells we have prepared a smaller FITNESS. It is equipped with quality machines, dumbbells, wall bars, stepper and exercise bike. It will meet the needs of both aerobics exercises, stretching exercises and strength exercises. A view of the swimming pool and the spa bath is also of interest. Of course there is the possibility to watch TV or satellite programs directly from fitness machines.


Treat yourself to the royal relaxation of your body after a busy day. When exploring our wellness area, you must not miss a large whirlpool. You can relieve your muscles with a whirlpool massage and then continue in the sauna as you please. A few minutes spent under the swirling water will bring you relief and regenerate the whole body, which you will appreciate in the next days.


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